Cell Culture room - Facilities to support standard mammalian cell culture. Two Level 2 Biosafety Cabinets, CO2 and Ambient Air Cell Culture Incubators, Liquid Nitrogen Cryostorage, Temperature Controlled Centrifuge, Water Bath, Phase Contrast Microscope.

The Biophysics Laboratories are located in the newly (as of 2011) renovated Center for Interdisciplinary Nanophysics, in the basement of the MacDonald Hall, which provide students access to state-of-the art facilities for conducting research. 

MicroFabrication / Cleanroom - equipped with NUV/DUV mask aligner for photolithography; spin coater; oxygen plasma system; ovens; microscope.

Material Preparation room - equipped with -80C Freezer, CO2 Laser Cutter, two Fume Hoods, ovens, furnaces and more.

Pelling Lab - Molecular biology and bacteria culture facility. Microscopy and Biophysical Tools include a JPK Nano Wizard II Atomic Force Microscope, Nikon tiE A1R High Speed Confocal and DIC Microscope, Nikon TiE Epi-Fluorescence and Phase Contrast Microscope equipped with a nikon Coolsnap HQ2 Cooled CCD Camera, 1064nm Optical Stretcher.

Harden Lab - equipment to be listed soon

- updated August 2012 -

Godin Lab - equipped with microscopy infrastructure in dedicated dark room (inverted fluorescence microscopes; upright microscpope; stereoscope), biochemisty capabilities with in-lab fumehood (centrifuge; balance; incubator shaker; etc.), a suite of data acquisition cards and other 'physics' tools (acquisition cards; power supplies; function generators; oscilloscopes; low-noise IV amplifiers; turbo vacuum pump) and includes the Microfabrication Cleanroom infrastructure.

T.-Cossa Lab - equipment to be listed soon

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Note to prospective students: if you are interested in a particular area of study, please contact one of the professors directly to find out about current opportunities.